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Exploration Thesis

We emphasize the distribution of dolerite, the parent rock for ilmenite ore, as a guide for our exploration. 

Dolerite Exposure

Exposing area of Dolerite in Roper River is over 2870 km2

Exposing area of Dolerite in our ELs and ELAs is over 1300 km2 (according to Northern Territory Geological Survey)

Exploration Status

Currently focused on EL 28291, the proximity of the mining area, and the total explored area only account for less than 10% of the ELs and ELAs.

Exploration Process

Our exploration team utilize remote sensing data, surface scouting, and auger drilling for identification of high prospective area, which is followed by air-core drilling for sampling for ore body definition.

Exploration Plan (2 focuses)

  • Expand the drilling program surrounding the mining area, to increase the resource base for the current production facility

  • Low-cost exploration/sampling program on two sides of the highway/road.


EL 28291


Map showing A.I.R's tenement portfolio and confirmed exposure of the Derim Derim Dolerite.

Drilling Program


3 large drilling programs since 2014, 3,424 air-core drill holes in total, and aggregate drill distance of 8,319 m


784 air-core holes, 2221 m drilled, on average 2.8m per hole, including 55 air-core holes are for QAQC purposes; 24 costean for sampling; 15 bulk density test pit


912 air-core holes, 2807m drilled, on average 3.1m per hole, including 43 air-core holes are for QAQC purposes; 6 bulk density test pit


1728 air-core holes, 3291m drilled, on average 3.1m per hole, including 71air-core holes are for QAQC purposes; 103 air-core holes for density sampling

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