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Our Product 

High quality ilmenite concentrate



Trait 1

Consistent TiO2 @ 50%

Quality feedstock for titanium slag and synthetic rutile production

Trait 2

Low Ca/Mg content (CaO 0.02%, MgO 0.64%)

Suitable for chloride metallurgic processing

Trait 3

Low phosphorus (P2O5 0.004%)

Suitable for reduced titanium production

Trait 4

FeO 38.2%, Fe2O3 8.66%

Favorable Ratios. Less sulfuric acid usage for sulfate process and better TiO2  purity for chloride process

Trait 5

Low in SO3 <0.005%

Reduce colour impurities and unwanted reaction

Trait 6

Extremely low in radioactive elements

No health/safety concern

Customers and Sales

50,000 tonnes

Ilmenite Concentrate sold in 2023, mainly to China 60% and Japan 40%, with strong realized average FOB prices in 2022


Spot Contract

Spot contract strategy enables us to take advantage of the strong Titanium market and gives us flexibility in risk management


Long-contract Opportunity

Received multiple long-term S&P offer from potential customers in China, Japan and South Korea. We will tap the opportunity of long-term contract according to market and timing.

world map.png

60% China

40% Japan

NT map.png
shipment port.png
shipment port.png
shipment port.png




Port Roper

Current Road-Train
Transport Route

Alternative Future Transport Route

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