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Regulatory Approval

With two decades of hard work, we have obtained all regulatory approval for all mining and exploration activities.


  • Exploration Licenses

  • Environmental Management Plan

  • Aboriginal Land Use Agreement

  • Mining Licenses

  • Mining Management Plan

  • Safety Management Plan

  • Emergency Evacuation Management Plan

  • Water Use License

  • Water Dam Development Approval

Water License and Compliance

At A.I.R., we recognize the invaluable role of water resources in sustaining the lives of the people in the Roper Valley region. Since our establishment, we have made an unwavering commitment to ensuring that our operations prioritize sustainable water usage.


From the inception of our activities, we've dedicated ourselves to responsible water management practices. Our pledge to the community and the environment is anchored in our commitment to maintaining water sustainability throughout our operations.


Our dedication to responsible water usage is reinforced by our Water License (License NO. 9031020), a government-issued authorization under the Water Act 1992 (NT). This license meticulously outlines the permissible amount of water extraction from the Roper River, ensuring we operate within the prescribed limits.


Transparency is at the core of our operations. To keep stakeholders informed, we actively maintain and regularly update a comprehensive water meter reading data sheet. This publicly accessible resource provides a detailed breakdown of our water usage, demonstrating our commitment to accountability and compliance.

Water License (License NO. 9031020)

Water Usage Data Sheet

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