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About A.I.R.

Australian Ilmenite Resources Pty Ltd (A.I.R.) stands as a prominent Australian company specializing in the exploration and mining of titanium and vanadium resources. Our overarching mission is to lead the critical mineral supplier industry, providing essential materials for the advancement of cutting-edge technologies.

Committed to responsible and sustainable mining practices, we uphold the highest standards in delivering top-tier minerals that not only meet customer demands but also prioritize environmental preservation for the benefit of future generations.

Our dedication to innovation and efficiency drives our growth, aligning with the global effort toward a more sustainable future. As a trusted partner, we prioritize safety, reliability, and transparency in all our operations, ensuring the satisfaction of stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

At the heart of our values lies the belief that our success is intricately linked to the success of the industries we serve. Proud to be part of a dynamic global landscape, we eagerly anticipate continuing to supply the resources vital for powering next-generation technology.


Develop next-generation critical minerals to power new technology


To become a leading supplier of critical minerals, including Titanium and Vanadium


We prioritize agility and adaptability throughout project life


Be dedicated to forming a culture of diversity and inclusiveness, and focus on what really makes a difference


We take responsibility for the sustainable benefits for all stakeholders 


We lean towards low-leverage business development and emphasize financial sustainability


Roper River Ilmenite Project 

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Mining and Processing


Exploration and Growth

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