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Resource Definition

The newest resource definition was completed according to JORC 2012 code by the industry-leading consulting company Xenith. The data used for the resource definition were based on our three large drilling programs since 2014 (details see in exploration). 

The defined mineral resources are located in EL 28291, and a total of 144 million tonnes of resources was defined, of which 139.2 million tonnes are on measured and indicated basis.

Table of Resource Estimate Summary (by Xenith)

WeChat Screenshot_20230317100046.png

Note to resources calculation

  • Total HM% cut-off at 3% on a dry basis

  • Ore bodies less than 0.5 m are excluded from the resource definition  

  • Slimes less than 53 millimetres are excluded from the resource definition

  • Resources outside of EL28291 are excluded from the resource definition

  • AAPA impacted zone are excluded

  • Resource classification based on data point (drill hole) density


Resource classification map within EL 28291 (by Xenith). Yellow highlighting current producing area within 3 Mining Licenses


Bird's-eye view of the production area within three Mining Licenses

Production is currently focused on three mining licenses, ML 27422, ML 29402 and ML 31403, which only cover a small proportion of the resources defining area (see Mining and Processing for details).

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