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Mining and Processing

Production activities have been focused on three Mining Licenses.

  • ML 27422 where ore mining has mainly occurred up to date. This licence was granted in 2011.

  • ML29042 where the processing plant and the majority of the ancillary infrastructure is located.

  • ML 31403 where future mining will expand into. This mining license was granted in 2018. 

With years of effort, the company has cleared all regulatory hurdles, and all approvals are effective for our business activities

  • Mining Licenses

  • Exploration Licenses

  • Mining Management Plan

  • Safety Management Plan

  • Emergency Evacuation Management Plan

  • Environmental Management Plan

  • Water Use License

  • Dam Build Permit

  • Aboriginal Land Use Agreement


(All approval documents are available for view under confidentiality)

production area new.png

ML 27422

ML 29042


Surface Mining

  • The mining areas are mainly bushland and do not involve forests, rivers/lakes, or farmland (easy operation from a environmental perspective)

  • Shallow surface panel-strip mining at depth of 2-4 metres (no explosives used) 

  • Simple surface vegetation clearing

  • tailings are directly backfilled.   

Apron Feeder and Grizzly

  • Ore transported by trucks to feeders

  • Stockpiling used to average out mining variation and ensure consistent ore feeding into plant  

Scrubber and Trommels

  • Rotary scrubber for initial washing, separating particles of loam, clay, soft rock and other deleterious elements from the ore particles (desliming process) 

  • Rotary trommel to drain and screen the material discharged from the scrubber – typically producing a clean and proper-size product ready for spiral separation

  • The combined scrubber/trommel process removes slimes and oversized particles, which is a necessary step before further separation process.

Wet Spiral Concentrator 

  • Slurry-form mix from scrubber/trommels are fed into spiral concentrators, for wet gravity separation; Spiral concentrator has a wash water channel and a series of concentrate removal ports placed at regular intervals

  • The concentrator works on a combination of solid particle density and its hydrodynamic dragging properties

  • Separation is achieved by stratification of material caused by a complex combined effect of centrifugal force, differential settling, and heavy particle migration through the bed to the inner part of the conduit

  • Heavy mineral ilmenite is separated in this process

Fluid-bed Drier

  • Wet Ilmenite mix are fed into fluid bed drier for drying

  • Hot air is pumped in and mixed with HM particles, forming a fluid-like solid stance and air mixture

  • Uniform and consistent drying process 

Ilmenite Concentrate Stockpiles

  • Ilmenite concentrate is then stockpiled in our on-site storage


  • Ilmenite concentrate stockpiles are loaded into road-train and transport to Darwin Port for bulk cargo shipping to our Asian customers

Vegatation Clearing

Ore Feeding 

Wet Spiral Plant

Road-train transport to Darwin Port

Surface Mining

Scrubber and Trommel

Concentrate Output

Unloading at Darwin Port Ficility

Ore Stockpiling

Spiral Concentrator


Loading into Bulk Cargo

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