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Ilmenite Concentrate Prices

(China ilmenite import prices, data from Tuduoduo Titanium Consultancy) 

ilmenite prices.png

Major public ilmenite producing companies and stock performance

Why invest in ilmenite mining?

Here are a few reasons you should invest in Titanium resource mining

Growing Demand

Ilmenite is the major source for titanium dioxide and titanium alloy production, which present a $ 26 Billion market size, with a 7.31% CAGR till 2027 (According to Research and Markets)

Supply Constrains

Many large ilmenite mines are close to mine life limit and very few large-scale mines can go online to fill the gap; Some ilmenite mine production is associated with iron ore production, and can be impacted by iron ore prices

Subject less to economical /commodity cycles

Titanium is used in a wide range of industry and products and its main application as TiO2 pigment shows less correlation to economy-sensitive commodities like iron ore and copper

Critical Material with no ideal substitute

Both titanium dioxide and titanium alloy have unique physical property that no other material can offer, and they are irreplaceable in many industries

Recycle currently not available

Titanium metal is mainly used in long-life products and titanium dioxide is unable to be recycled with scale

Profit margin shifting upstream of Value Chain

The imbalance of supply and demand has given mining sector pricing power, and some vertically integrated players are allocating more profits to upstream than refinery.

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